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These are some recent courses, with syllabi. Students, please note that these are samples only and that I update my courses every semester.

Current Rotation

PSCI 100: United States National Government (Spring 2020)

PSCI 215: Post-Communist Russian Empire (Fall 2021)

PSCI 240: Globalization (Spring 2020)

PSCI 303: Public Policy in the United States (Fall 2018)

PSCI 321: War & Peace (Spring 2022)

PSCI 425: Seminar in Intl. Relations (theme = hegemony) (Fall 2020)

Courses Previously Taught (often, to fill in for colleagues on leave)

PSCI 220: Introduction to International Relations (Fall 2017)

PSCI 317: Dictatorship to Democracy (Fall 2019)

PSCI 425: Seminar in Intl. Relations (theme = world-systems) (Fall 2018)


Photo by Gregory Williams, Boulder, Colo.

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