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Academic Leadership

(A) At University of Northern Colorado (varying term lengths, 2015 to 2023)

Chair, Department of Political Science and International Affairs

Chair, Policies and Procedures Committee (Humanities and Social Sciences)

Chair, Faculty Evaluation Committee

Faculty Senate

Pre-Law Advisor


Photo by Gregory Williams, Breckenridge, Colo.

(B) In Government and Scholarly Community

Reviews Editor, New Political Science (2022-present)

Publications Executive Committee, Caucus for a Critical Political Science (2022- present)

Faculty Advisory Council, State of Colorado Commission on Higher Education (2019-2021)

(C) Other Committee Work at U. of Northern Colo. (2013-2023)

Curriculum Committee; Faculty Senate; Faculty Welfare Committee; Grievance Committee; Liberal Arts Council Core Committee in Social and Behavioral Sciences; Program Review and Assessment Committee; Steering Committee, William E. Hewit Institute for History and Social Science Education


New Political Science.jpg

Photo by Gregory P. Williams, Leigh Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Wyo.

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